Prior the birth of this valerian P&B P/School Gayaza campus, there was an old sister Branch situated in Kibuli up to date in Mutajazi B. This branch relocated to this very site in February of 1996 from its former site of one late Hajati Zaidia 1994 – 1995 currently where kibuli supermarket occupies and before its kick off founding site was in the premises of the late Mr. Okirigi from the 6th September 1993. It started with two staff members i.e. Madame Nangobi Rhoda as a teacher as well as acting Head teacher and Ngororano Daniel as a teacher as well as the Director together with Nzajimbere Emmanuel as a co-Director though he wasn't an active partner at the time.
Today the school has grown big to expand into branches. The branch in Kibuli still operates under the Directorship of Nzajimbere Emmanuel however it's operating on a day basis. The second branch is along Gayaza Road 7(1/2)kms under the Headship of Ngororano Curtis Fridah and the Directorship of Mr. Ngororano Daniel.
Being a boarding school operating class's right from Nursery level to primary seven, the school management has taken the initiative of enrolling highly professional and competent staff to handle various responsibilities based on experience, parental and technical abilities to satisfy the needs of both our learners and the parents desires. At present, the total number of academic staff ranges to twenty members. The males are 9 (nine) in number whereas the females are 11 (eleven).