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Overview of aWhere, Inc.


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aWhere Inc

aWhere is an agricultural and insights company dedicated to deliver intelligence into the hands of farmers, commercial growers, commodity traders and policy makers everywhere. It provides the most complete weather data and agricultural information to enable real time and evidence-based decision making.The aWhere platform includes the Weather Terrain 4 database which provides high resolution, daily meteorological data which is processed using the world’s best available satellite observation systems integrated with global forecast models and downscales them for the highest possible accuracy at the field. Through this aWhere database, farmers can gain contextual insight from real-time, on the ground data, allowing for evidence-based decisions and the achievement of climate-smart production. for more information about aWhere click here!


Here below are maps and graphs of Uganda showing monthly historical observed weather data and long - term norms sourced from aWhere's global, daily-updated Weather Terrain 4 Database. .


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  • College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences,
  • Makerere University- Uganda. East Africa
  • Phone: +256 414 542 277
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