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 MUCCRI's Background 

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MUCCRI was established in 2013 to raise climate change awareness and build a climate change knowledge base and innovations by engaging in research and training as well as informing policy and conducting outreach activities. The Centre informs Makerere University and the country about the evolution and science of climate change, the impacts of climate change and how to address the challenges related to climate change. The teams at MUCCRI conduct research, training and policy engagements in the fields of climate change science, mitigation, adaptation, governance and finance. MUCCRI also engages in packaging, communicating and disseminating climate change information, knowledge products and innovations to the wider public. A prime feature in our future training and research activities is to provide domestic and regional policy makers with the necessary scientific support, technology and guidance in mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change. MUCCRI will continue to build local, national and global networks and partnerships in the area of climate change and development. MUCCRI also aspires to provide a deeper understanding that may enhance public awareness and support learning processes of societies to effectively respond to climate change and extreme weather events in both short and long-time scales.

Dealing with climate change at all levels has three fundamental aspects:
  • Understanding how the climate is currently changing and how it is likely to change in the future;
  • Understanding how these changes will affect natural and production systems and livelihoods;
  • Developing methods, strategies, and techniques for responding to climate changes: mitigation and adaptation, and supporting implementation at all levels.

To address all of the critical issues, the Centre’s work encompasses four major themes:

(i) Climate Science, (ii) Mitigation, (iii) Adaptation, and (iv) Policy, Training, and Outreach.


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  • College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences,
  • Makerere University- Uganda. East Africa
  • Phone: +256 414 542 277
  • Email: muccri@caes.mak.ac.ug

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