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Believer’s Baptism: What is it and why do people do it?

Baptist Family: We are part of and linked with the Baptist Union of Uganda. Includes Church finder, Regional Associations, Baptist Colleges and the National Resource at Didcot.

Kyebando Baptist Church is located 6 km from Kampala in a growing semi- urban area of Kawempe parish in Kyebando. It was started in 1968 by the southern Baptist missionary, Reverend Thomas Tipton. However in 1978. It was no more because Idi Amin had banned all Churches which were of American origin. In 1982 it was reinstated. There after evangelism and discipleship were at the peak. Currently the Church has 150 adult members and 30 Sunday school Children.


Kyebando Baptist Church History goes back to 1967, when the Ministry was birthed by a Missionary from the Southern Baptist Mission of U.S.A. by name Rev. Thomas S. Tipton, who was assisted by brother Peterson Nakoko. The Ministry started as a school helping the children in the Community by educating them and as well as a place of worship to the Community.
In 1973, Baptist Churches throughout the nation were shut down at the decree of the President of Uganda by then, Gen: Idi Amin Dada because of their origin being America. So from that time to 1980, Kyebando Baptist had underground operations and was under the cover of the Anglican Church of Uganda.
In 1980, the Church opened again its doors as Kyebando Baptist Church after the fall of President Idi Amin Dada, and it was Pastored by Mr. Katamba J. who was later joined in Ministry by Pastor Patrick Wagooli in 1982. In this same year Kampala Baptist Church sent local missionaries to join in Ministry at Kyebando Baptist Church. Missionary Moses K. Kamoga and Missionary Titus Kisubika. During this time the Church underwent a revival and there was a vigorous Evangelist movement in the Church and in the Church Community.
Later in 1983, Pastor Katamba J left and Pastor Patrick became the fulltime Pastor of the Church and in the period between 1984-85 the Church was joined again by a Missionary from Southern Baptist Church of America by the name Robert Norman who greatly assisted in the running of the Ministry and the local missionaries who had been sent by the Kampala Baptist.Church. Then afterwards Mr. Moses K. Kamoga was made the fulltime Pastor and Titus Kisubika an Associate Pastor (the two missionaries from Kampala Baptist Church).

In 1992, Pr. Kamoga Moses was transferred from Kyebando Baptist Church Ministry to go and serve as a Church Administrator of Kampala Baptist Church and his Assistant Pastor by the name Titus Kisubika was made the fulltime Pastor of Kyebando Baptist Church in 1997-1998 and in 1999 Pr. Titus Kisubika was joined by two Associate Pastors by names: Pr. Peter Mutebi and Pr. Ronald Sserunjogi who were among the young men that committed their lives to Christ back in 1985 in the times of Missionary Robert Norman. So up to now three people make up the pastoral team and part of the leadership team at Kyebando Baptist Church.


  • To disciple members into mature christians. 1 Timothy 2:2,Hebrews 10:25.
  • To actively witness to the saving power of God through Jesus Christ in obedience to Matthew 28:19.
  • To establish and maintain programmes to needs of the local Community and other areas within our reach in obedience to God's word in Matthew 25:35-40.
  • To establish and maintain programmes that address the needs of the local Community and other areas within our reach in obedience to God’s word in Matthew 25:35-40.
  • To plant and establish new Churches and ensure that they do not divert from the word of God.
  • To achieve Unity with other Churches those seeking the truth from the Bible as the word of God and recognize the Lordship and authority of Jesus Christ. This is in accordance with Matthew 8:6, John 17:21, Colossian 1:18.


The Church recognizes Jesus Christ as the Head of the Church and has three arms of governance .These are; the pastoral Team, Elders’ Board and the Business meeting. Other offices are the deacons and Church employees.
1. The pastoral Team: Is a composition of the senior pastor and Associate pastors.
The senior pastor:-The senior pastor is overseer of the Ministry's activities and he is the vision bearer and the one responsible for directing the day today running of the Church affairs.
2. The Elders' Board: Kyebando Baptist Church has a Board of Elders that guides and upholds the Ministry. The Board of Elders safeguards the Ministry and doctrine of Kyebando Baptist Church.

Deacon’s counsel
3. Business Meeting: This is composed of the membership of Kyebando Batpist Church whose roles are; to receive quarterly and annual reports, do reviews of the the reports, approve budgets, and participate in programs and general development of the Church.


Kyebando Baptist Church has got a strong human resource that is zealous and innovative. We are Streaming leadership to administration. We encourage ministers to align themselves with the Word and to recognise that God has endowed everybody with special abilities.


Finance department

This is a Department of the church that has a responsibility of managing and allocating all church resources. It is also responsible for coming up with church Annual Financial Reports. The Department is operated by a committee of five church members, the treasurers inclusive that monitor and evaluate all church financial records.

MOCs Department

Outreach, Conferences and Seminars. This Department takes lead here at Kyebando Baptist Church in organizing and coordinating all church Missions, Outreach, Conferences and Seminars activities and more so has a duty of designing Sunday bible study themes. These run in all bible study groups at church. The department works closely with the church evangelism ministry because of its activities that have an evangelism component.

Information Department

Is the department with a very key role i.e. to inform church members of all current and ongoing activities of the church and the entire body of Christ in the community, in the city and in the Country. The department also documents church activities and keeps an archive of information materials and resources that can be accessed by church members. Department members manage the church’s website and its social networks, so remember to checkout our Facebook page () and like it the next time you are on Facebook

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