A Heavy Mechanical workshop, comprises of 1,000m2 and consists of: One (1) general services bay (2 x 20m wide by 51m Long Bay – 7m under hook), (1.5 x 4m wide by 4m long Service pit – 10m under hook) and one (1) overhead crane of 1 tone with a 5m high under hook.

Engine lifters 1203 DBZ

Fully Automated Beam Line, FICEP, up to 1200mm wide beam

Air compressor TIPO D8

Fully Automated Angle & Fitting, FICEP, 500x25 Flat, 200x20x20 angel

Tally jerks TIPO A31

FICEP Plate Processing Unit, fully automatic CNC plasma & drilling, capacity: 12m x 3.1m wide, 2x independent drilling heads, Hypertherm HPR260 plasma unit

Grease pumps

High definition Plasma cutter, 4.5m x 13.5 bed size

Oil pumps 3m x 3m

up to 10mm thick, 40mm thick plasma, 150m thick oxy, Multi-oxy heads

Two (2) Guillotine cutting

3.6m wide,up to 6mm thick

Two (2) Press brake

3.6m long – up to 6mm thick

AKBEND plate roll

capacity 3.1m wide up to 32mm thick

Plate roll

capacity 3.1m wide up to 32mm thick

Stand-by Generator

On site motor vehicle spray booth

Metal works welding equipment