KIBIRA Motors (U) Limited opened its operations and services as a fully recognized legal entity by the Ugandan Government in 1993. The heart of the company was Motor Vehicle Repairs and Maintenance Services. Kibira Motors has over the years provided quality, timely and reliable Motor Vehicle services to National Public entities, NGOs, and International entities.

Kibira Motors Ltd has majored and gained experience in servicing, repairs and maintenance works of Motor Vehicles manufactured by Car Makers i.e. Mercedes Benz (models: 1975-2014), Toyota (models: 1991-2014), Nissan (models: 1995-2014), Mitsubishi (models: 1995-2014) and Suzuki (models: 1995-2014).

Kibira Motors Ltd establishments are primarily engaged in serving, repairing, maintaining and customizing passenger cars, trucks, vans, min- trailer bodies and interiors, as well as painting of auto and min trailer bodies.

Kibira Motors Ltd Mission; is to deliver high-quality Motor Vehicle services that enable our clients to meet their business/organizational goals more effectively.



We are enclosing herewith the following documents to certify the company’s legal status

  1. Memorandum and Articles of Association
  2. Certificate of Incorporation or its equivalent.
  3. Trading License for the current year certified by an issuing authority.
  4. VAT Registration Certificate for Ugandans
  5. Tax Clearance Certificate
  6. Insurance Policy


Below is Kibira Motors Company organization’s structure. We have over the year built a team of Engineers that Know and love what they are doing and have enabled the company win big deals with big corporations and companies in the country