HHU Education – Oasis of Hope Christian School:

On February 02, 2015 – HHU birthed it first project – the stepping stone and first step into service and realizing the vision. Baby Oasis of Hope Christian School came into place. With deep passion and conviction, the school chose to be deliberately and intentionally Christian reaching out to the low income earners of the community. We started with 49 students in term 1 of 2015 but shortly after the community identifying with what we were doing, they believed in us and the number of students skyrocketed to 141 in term 2. The continued to grow and in our year 2 we grew to 214 students. We are today, in our third year thankful to God for the 159 students we have. The number dropped due to a very lond severe drought that heat the country.

The students are being taught from a Biblical perspective. This is in line with our vision of transforming individuals and communities into effective leaders and agents of change of Christ. With us at HHU through OHCS character formation is at the heart of all we do. This is done through role modelling, chapel, daily devotional sessions and biblical teaching. We have learnt that teaching the children God’s truth is a very important way to lead them toward transformation.


Child Sponsorship, Welfare, Advocacy and Protection

Working with a community that lives a hand to mouth life is challenging. With our desire being to see a transformed community, we found out that without education we could not realize that. I personally witnessed many of the community children not going to school just because some parents could not afford books, a fee for a meal at school and even uniform. This prompted us to think of a solution.

HHU resolved to support a few children from the community with education. With our meager resources which mainly come from very few kind and generous friends, we are proudly offering education to 45 students of ages 3 to 10. These are benefiting in form of tuition, uniform, meals, books and pens.






Hope Renewed

One other exciting project of HHU is the Hope Renewed, a women’s outreach programme. This programme serves the women from the community through Bible Study Classes in which we concentrate on Bible study skills, Bible interpretation skills, prayer and Biblical principles for living.

Through this programme we are reaching 54 women in our community. In our meetings, we study the Word of God, share testimonies of what God is doing in our lives and families, pray together and also talk about responsible and responsive living. The programme has restored some women’s marriage which was in in ruin, their view of a child has changed and their view of life also has been impacted. Through Hope Renewed Bible Classes, the women started a village savings bank. This is a milestone to HHU as we dream of renewing hope in our community. Last year the women sat for 48 weeks and were able to save 8,723,000 UGX. The Hope Renewed meetings sit every Tuesday from 5pm to 6:30Pm at Oasis of Hope Christian School. This year, these women have so far sat for only 13 weeks and they have saved to a tune of 6,198,500 UGX. This is great to me. I praise God that HHU has built trust with the community to the extent of being entrusted with their finances.

HHU through Hope Renewed also supports the pregnant mother by providing a Mama Kit to each member of Hope Renewed that is expecting. Last year we were able to give 21 Mama Kits to 21 ladies. This year we have so far given to 4. We are thankful to God for the friends in Uganda who provided these kits.

HHU through Hope Renewed gave out 47 Bibles to the community. This is one of the dreams of HHU to see that every house in our village of Nsumbi has a Bible. We are grateful to a family in the US that donated the money we used to procure the Bibles.