Haven of Hope Uganda is governed by a Board of Directors, who oversee the programmes and services, or various aspects of the services and staff. Board members meet monthly and business meetings are held twice a year. Board members are nominated by a committee, voted on by the existing Board, and serve three-year terms.

The Board of Directors is comprised of seven (7) members. Our mission of this Board is a three-fold:

  1. Preserve the Heritage of HHU through remembering God’s provision and celebrating God’s faithfulness
  2. Audit the Present status of HHU through protecting the reputation and integrity of the organization, keeping HHU financially strong and developing a strategic plan
  3. Plan for the Future through strategically planning for the organisation’s future and putting into place financial plans that set aside monies for future needs

The Executive Director and Staff

While the Board of Directors is responsible for policy formulation, decision making and oversight, the Executive Director and the Staff are responsible for the day-to-day functioning, and implementing of its programmes and projects. They report to the Executive Director, who overall is responsible for the NGO’s activities. Staff members of an HHU fall into three groups – responsible for activities related to (1) administration, (2) Communication and (3) programmes/projects

  1. Finance Administrative Manager: This manager has other staff members assisting him, including a Finance Assistant. Besides the financial management of an HHU, a Finance Administrative Manger is also responsible for fund-raising activities of HHU.
  2. Communications and Liaison Manager: This officer is in charge of all our communication and networking. This manger is always assisted by other staff members such as a Public Relations Assistant, a Publications Assistant, or a Web/Social Media Assistant. The Public Relations assistant works closely with both the Finance Administrative Manager.
  3. Child Sponsorship, Welfare, Advocacy and Protection: This officer coordinates the activities of the most disadvantaged children that would other have no change to access education. The office is responsible for visiting the families, identifying the neediest ones and ensuring we reach out to them.
  4. Education Manager: The education manager at HHU doubles as the Principal of our school – Oasis of Hope Christian School. The school is largest of our programmes at HHU. It was our stepping stone into this field of Renewing Hope.
  5. Community Development Office: This office is responsible for the activities of our other project – Hope Renewed.
  6. Leadership Development: This department is working on a leadership development program. This will be a post-graduate course for the potential youth whose desire is to contribute to the transformation of this nation. This is our programme under construction.