Transforming communities and individuals into effective citizens and agents of change for Christ. (Romans 12:2)


Teaching, training, equipping and empowering communities and individuals to restore Kingdom principles and God’s purpose for mankind.


To teach, train, and develop practical programs for discovering, understanding and applying the precepts, keys, principles, values, morals, and standards of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, producing a community with a lifestyle reflecting Heaven’s culture.


These are the core values of haven of hope uganda

Love God, love others

We are compelled by the love of God through Christ Jesus to love one another. Our love is seen as a gift from God but more so as a command. Love is to be the driving force of our forgiveness, acceptance, and reconciliation.


Our God is a God of excellence. After creation, he saw that everything he had made was excellent. HHU is here to teach communities to settle for nothing other than excellence. Therefore, they are encouraged to do everything to the best of their ability, and are challenged to devote their efforts toward excellent worship, relationships, time investment and positive expectations.


HHU places high premium value on building, restoring and maintaining trust at all levels of our operation. We are deliberate and intentional in managing the expectations, meeting/managing our needs and promising what we can deliver. Our operations are tailored with the value of being trustworthy as demonstrated in the ENPs in relationships.


The Bible is clear in that, as much as Christ individually gifts us, we are also created for community. We place a great emphasis on building a Shalom based community in which the truth is not only spoken, but also practiced.


The greatest example of servant-heartedness is seen in Jesus, as He laid down His own life for us. Service is measured on account of what we do for others, rather than for ourselves. We desire to see our community demonstrating a heart of service for their nation, church, families and communities.