About Us

Haven of Hope Uganda is governed by a Board of Directors, who oversee the programmes and services, or various aspects of the services and staff


Our Vision

Transforming communities and individuals into effective citizens and agents of change for Christ. (Romans 12:2)


Our Mission

Teaching, training, equipping and empowering communities and individuals to restore Kingdom principles and God’s purpose for mankind.


Our Strategy

To teach, train, and develop practical programs for discovering, understanding and applying the precepts, keys,, principles, values, morals, and …


While the Board of Directors is responsible for policy formulation, decision making and oversight, the Executive Director and the Staff are responsible for the day-to-day functioning, and implementing of its programmes and projects. They report to the Executive Director, who overall is responsible for the NGO’s activities. Staff members of an HHU fall into three groups – responsible for activities related to (1) administration, (2) Communication and (3) programmes/projects