Curtis Fridah Foundation Company Limited is a Christian humanitarian organization that acknowledges one God. The Father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. In Jesus Christ, the love, mercy and the grace of God are made known to us and all people. From this over flowing abundance of God's love we find our call to minister.

  1. We proclaim together that "Jesus Christ lives, died, rose again, and Jesus is lord "we desire him to be central in our individual and corporate in our lives.
  2. We seek to follow him in his identification with the poor the afflicted, the oppressed, marginalized, in his special concern for children in his respect for the dignity bestowed by God on women equality with men.
  3. We bear his call to a servant hood and see the example of his life .we commit ourselves to a servant spirit permeating the organization. We know this means facing honesty our own pride, sins, and failure