Curtis FFC addresses child protection against abuse, neglect, and sexual exploitation by working to prevent and respond to all forms of violence against children, youths, and elderly people. Curtis FFC’s primary focus is on the children and youths — who have been orphaned, who live on the street, and who are not in school.

Advocating for the rights of children and youths both in the communities where we live, in order to influence legislations by the government that protect vulnerable children. Working with communities where child trafficking is prevalent encourages and informs the government to improve upon systems for child protection.

Provide for immediate needs, such as emergency shelter and essential needs.

Educate: We educate children and societies about what trafficking is, and the techniques that abusers use to rule children. Empowering these vulnerable children to access quality education, while meeting immediate needs such as food and housing, can make all the difference for preventing child exploitation.

Curtis FFC works alongside hospitals, schools, and law enforcement agencies to ensure that child protection is a priority by encouraging groups to raise awareness and advocate for child rights and protection.

Unite: We work to restore and reunite children with their families and communities where possible and appropriate. But we start by helping children who’ve been exploited to heal them through medical, legal, and psychosocial services, providing life and live hood skills and education. Often, this means providing a safe place for children to go, while offering counseling and recovery activities