Sustainable Livelihoods

Core areas under sufficient Livelihood for children;
Roll out of VSLA/CMMF methodology. This is a livelihood and a right based methodology which has helped COVOID to make a big difference in the lives of the children /Marginalized people in our programs. COVOID boosts of 880 VSLA/CMMF groups in Rubirizi/Bushenyi with 75% of the members being women. Most of the members have been able to jump the poverty line as a result of the interventions. In Uganda 24% of the population are below the poverty line (UBOS 2010). Through VSLA/CMMF COVOID has reached 19000 women and 6000 men.
Food security and Nutrition- Empowering communities in sustainable agriculture through training farmers in modern methods of farming. This is going on in Kakanju and Rubirizi District under McKnight Foundation-America Funding and TPO/SCORE/USAID funding.