Covoid’s Background

Community Volunteer Initiative for Development (COVOID) is an indigenous child focussed non-governmental organization, registered with the Uganda Government (Ministry of Internal Affairs) registration no. S.5914/6699.
COVOID was founded in April 2003 by community members under the leadership of Ben Bataringaya, senior development worker who derived experience from international NGOs he worked with such as save the children UK, Plan International, Aktion Africa Hilfe, and ZOA). Community members  reflected on the plight of children and marginalized women and thereafter  and formed COVOID to act as a voice in addressing the identified community issues of HIV/AIDS, Poverty, food insecurity, child abuse, environmental degradation.
COVOID further derives its mandate from UNCRC (1989) and we promote the implementation and operationalization of the United Nations Convention for the Rights of the Children and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (2000) mainly 1,2,3,6,7.