Climate Change Mitigation.

Creating a safer natural environment for children.
Promotion of tree planting -Through VSLA groups a campaign stop talking and start planting trees is underway. COVOID is affiliated to Plant for Planet a Germany based child initiative that targets to 12 Billion Trees world wide- COVOID is due to launch the Uganda chapter of the initiative.
Support Schools to Plant Trees through inculcating a tree planting culture in the children

Promote wood energy saving stores and production of Briquettes
Advocacy for tree planting bye laws- We have started with lower local Governments. Our target is to reach all the Districts we are operating in.

Promotion of Rain water Harvesting Tanks- we already supported schools and communities with 5 Water Tanks with 10000 Litres/ 15000 Litres.

Promote Hygiene and sanitation in both schools and communities- we promote Hand washing in schools and conduct anti Open defecation campaigns in communities etc.