Our Works

The aim and purpose of the organisation is to build a self-reliant and united social /economic group through setting up projects and networking avenues to enhance development.

The far-reaching aims are;

To establish and promote free medical care and treatment services to the community.

To care and counsel street kids and the sexually abused teenagers.

To promote positive cultural values/ norms in fighting diseases, family conflicts, teenage pregnancies.

To offer free antenatal and post-natal care.

To encourage and promote education in general and girl child education through

To build or assist in setting up schools, orphanages, hospitals, Women, and Youth development projects, financial empowerment programs, children sponsorships, children development centres, care centres for the children, youth and the elderly, and Adult Institute of Learning, regarding and for the same including existing and to furnish and equip the same.

To establish and promote empowerment in People with Disabilities (PWD’s) for self-reliance and sustenance.

To initiate, support, sustain, promote, and finance programmes and development projects beneficial to members.

To help and cater for the welfare of members especially in times of need, sorrow, or joy.

To promote and publicize the ministry of health projects and its objectives within and outside Uganda.

To establish links with national and/or international non-profitable organizations having similar objectives.

To adopt such means of making known the activities and services of the organisation as may seem expedient and by circulars, by advertising in the press, on radio, or television, cinema, by purchase and exhibition of works of art or interest, by publication of brochures, books and periodicals and granting prizes, rewards, scholarships, exhibitions, and donations (Information Dissemination).

To locate, raise, gather, pool finances from the members and/ or any other source and to finance as monetary advances with or with the guarantee of members and to ensure repayment of that money to the organisation and to borrow or raise money in such a manner agreeable by all members.

To invest the funds of the organisation not immediately required in such manner as the members may decide from time to time.

To establish a fund, receive grants, donations, gifts, and other forms of financial and material facilitation to enable the organisation to run its activities and programmes.

To provide advisory service to organized groups, individuals, and communities on nutrition and health issues.

To acquire and establish offices and branches in different places in Uganda, or in other countries and to provide equipment’s, maintenance and carry on supplies and distribution services, sales, purchases, and any other activity relevant to the organisation.

To borrow money from banks and other financial institutions or companies or other persons for the benefit of the organisation or any other person, to lend and advance money or give credit on security to such persons on such terms as may seem expedient and so give guarantees or become security to such, banks, financial institutions, companies, or persons.

To own, hold, buy, and sell, market, trade or otherwise deal in equipment, machinery, utensils, gadgets, and anything deemed to be proper for effective carrying out of the objects of the organization.

To acquire, or own and purchase vehicles and motorcycles deemed necessary for day to day running of the business of the organisation.

To negotiate with and enter into any arrangement with government or authorities at state or national level or public or private bodies that may seem conducive to the organisation’s objects or any of them and to apply for or obtain from any such Government or authority all rights, concessions, and privileges which the organisation may think it desirable to obtain and to carry out exercise and comply with any such arrangements, rights, privileges, and concessions.

To promote the advancement of scientific and technical education and such study of different fields related with nutrition, public health, and environmental protection.

To promote and undertake seminars, workshops, road shows, exhibitions, and take all actions connected there with about the objects of the organisation.

To adopt such means of making known the activities and services of the organisation as may seem expedient and by advertising in the press by circular, purchase, and exhibition of works of interest by publication of book and periodicals, opening a website or any other kind of literature and by granting prizes, a ward, and donations to the organisation.

To nominate delegates and advisors etc to represent members at National and, International Conferences held on public health, nutrition and environment related issues and other Seminars conferences and committees affecting the health services in the communities and sanction expenses in connection herewith if necessary and to take up, consider, formulate, and give effect to views on the subject coming up before conferences and committees mentioned above.