Sembabule Schools

Report on graduation and field day for farmer field schools in Lwentale and Kawanda

We are here today to graduate the farmers who have completed a training course on the FFS methodology which was started in August 2013 to date under the “Global Climate Change Alliance Project” – Uganda (GCCA); implementing “Agriculture Adaptation to Climate Change.” Second they are also here to show case some of the practices and technologies they have learnt and done at their respective homes and groups ranging from; crop and livestock production to saving and credit.
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Farmer field schools are formed under the Global Climate Change Alliance- GCCA which is funded by the UN under its branch of Food and Agriculture Organization- FAO. FAO chose six districts in the cattle colloidal Sembabule inclusive where they had to partner with Sembabule District Farmers Association- SEDFA to help the farmers with copying with the changing climate and weather plus all their challenges in farming.
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