Nakaseke Reports

Green charcoal radio program 2017

Educating the masses about project activities through radio programmes is one of the activities funded by the Green charcoal project.

In line with this, a radio Program me was conducted on Musana F M on 13/06/ 2017. This was a one hour programme conducted from 7:00pm – 8:00Pm. This is in addition to the spot messages which have been running.

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GCP Report 2017

Biomass forms the main source of energy for cooking among Uganda’s population estimated at over 80% both in rural and urban centers. With the rise in the population and growth in urbanization, the demand for charcoal particularly has been found to increasing at a rate of 6% per annum.

Whereas charcoal is the most preferred of all biomass related energy sources, the industry is faced with inefficient production practices, lack of sustainable supplies and inadequate/often conflicting policies. These inefficiencies have led to un-productiveness and degradation of the forests/woodlands from where the biomass is derived especially in districts around cattle corridor. Most importantly, the different stakeholders involved in these practices or those who are affected by the negative consequences from charcoal activities are not aware about their role in averting the problems.

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Report on Charcoal Ordinance

The Nakaseke Draft charcoal ordinance was first presented to the District council and Technical planning committee members in December 2016. The council and technical committee members made their inputs for the consultant to incorporate in the Ordinance.

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