Luwero Reports


Katambwa micro watershed is located in Kiziba parish, Kikyusa Subcounty, Bamunanika County, Luwero District which is part of the cattle corridor of Uganda.

It covers 3 villages of Kabaloge & Kiwamirembe Lc1 as the upstream section on the either sides while Katambwa is the downstream section.

Watershed being all land where drains and flows in the particular direction, Katambwa flows from Kagoye and drains to sezibwa this is aided by the adjacent raised elevations on either sides.


This assessment was participatory involving the district team, Sub County, Implementing partner (Caritas) and the community members thus the report documents an analysis and action plan of issues identified in the Watershed.

The purpose of the analysis is to develop a detailed understanding of issues within processes and interactions occurring within the watershed area and the effects of management practices.

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