Nakasongola Stories

Nsubuga Thomath of Lujjegere Development Group-Kakooge Sub County

My name is Nsubuga Thomath and I am 51 years old. I live in Kabusinde village, Kyambogo Parish, Kakooge sub-county, Nakasongola District. I am married to one wife with 8 children 4boys and 4girls of whom 6 are schooling and 2 still of young age. I own 4 acres of land of which 3.5acres fully utilized and 0.5 acres not utilized. crop occupancy is Bananas 1 acre, maize 1acre, Coffee ½ acre, Cassava ½ acre. I also keep 2 pigs and 30 chickens.

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Nabukenya Mariam of Twekembe Development group in Kamuwanula

I am Nabukenya Mariam aged 32 and a house wife with five children. I have two acres of land and a member of Twekembe development group in Kamuwanula village, Kyambogo Parish in Kakooge sub county Nakasongola district. I joined this group in 2013. I was engaged in crop farming focusing on coffee and some banana plantains. However, due to climate change hazards such as prolonged dry spell and unreliable rainfall, we have experienced changes in rainfall patterns coupled with high temperatures which had resulted in high incidences of both crop and livestock pests and diseases. These problems had led to low crop yield in coffee as it was affected with coffee wilt disease leading to food insecurity. Everybody in the village was affected and we had nothing to do.

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Mugisha Moses

My name is Mugisha Moses a Ugandan national aged 30 with 2 wives and 5children. I have 1 acre of land and a member of Agali-awamu FFS in Buseebwe Kyambogo parish Kakooge Sub-County in Nakasongola District. In his words Mugisha said, ‘I became a member of this group in 2013 as I was involved in crop farming majorly in maize and vegetables and livestock (chicken).
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Any Season is planting Season-Kitchen gardening

Unlike the days where the wet season is the only season to plant or grow crops, today, there are you can plant even in the dry season. With the devastating effects of the climate change like hunger and absolute poverty, you don’t have to be in the shadow anymore.
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