Mubende Projects

Mubende District LVEMPII CDD Project by LOSDNET in Myanzi

Project Name Start Date Cordinator Location Duration
LVEMPII - Sub Project Losdnet Myanzi 14:04 Ezra Kisitu Myanzi- Around Lake Wamala Wetlands 3 years
Mapping Losdnet locations

The Map showing the beneficiary Home Locations near lake Wamala Wetlands Red Bee hives and Blue Piggery H/Holds

Since 2014, the Mubende District has implemented the Lake Victoria Environment Management Project – Phase II. Mubende District was awarded 3 Community Development Demanded Projects Implemented by 1. Send a Cow in Bagezza, 2. Kigando Nyekundire Cooperative Group 3. Local Skills Development Network – LOSDNET in MyanziS/county.

The District got 2 Strategic Interventions funded where a Local Forest Reserve was re-afforestation and the other on Restoration and demarcation of Nabakazi and Katonga rivers.

This Project has exceeded our expectations in delivering outputs and outcomes. I hereby attach recent  sub-project reports for Local Skills Development Network -LOSDNET.  Here the Report has been flavoured with AutoCad topographical Mappings and the out-come is visibility and transparency in a Class lauded as the very best.

Other Sub-Project reports to follow.

Losdnet picctures Pigs and hives

Lvempii april -june – LosdnetGPS

LOSDNET Piggery Units Mubende (1)

GPS LOSDNET Bee Keepers Units Mubende